Road Closure update

Cllr Andrew Geary has the following update regarding road closures:

Latest and hopefully final update on Road Closures. It appears that at least some sense of reason may have finally been achieved.

The road at Devils Dip will be closed 24 hours a day in both directions from 9.30 am on Monday of next week, 16 October until 4.30pm on Friday 20 October. It will then reopen and remain open for the whole of the following week.

Long Street Road in Hanslope will close at 9.30 am on Monday 23 October and will remain closed in both directions 24 hours a day until midnight on Sunday 29th October unless the works are completed before this time. It will reopen for works traffic on Monday 30th October.

The road at Devils Dip will close at 9.30am on Monday 30th October and will remain closed 24 hours a day in both directions until Friday 3rd November 4.30pm. It will then reopen for the weekend. It is possible that, dependent on the progress of work, there may need to be traffic lights on Monday of the following week, 6 November, but this will depend on progress made during the complete closures.

For more details please contact me via email on or Nick Brown, lead officer at MKC on

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