Bloor Homes: creating gorgeous gardens across Hanslope this summer

With unprecedented summer sunshine hitting the UK, Bloor Homes South Midlands is helping homeowners in Hanslope keep their lawns looking luscious and their borders blooming despite the intense heat.

The family owned developer, which has recently secured permission for a 150 home development on Castlethorpe Road, has released its top tips for keeping gardens green during the summer months.

  1. Maintaining a luscious lawn

People often think that lawns look after themselves, but that simply isn’t the case, especially when the sun has been shining for weeks on end. If you want to keep the grass looking green it is important to feed it every four-six weeks using a liquid lawn fertiliser. Watering is also key and while you should always take care not to waste water, try to give the garden a good sprinkling at least twice a week in dry conditions. You should continue to mow the grass on a weekly basis but adjust the settings on the mower to ensure that you aren’t cuttings the grass too short. And finally, always avoid laying new turf in hot and dry conditions.

  1. Protecting plants from the heat

If you want your flowers to wow rather than wilt you need to give them some TLC over the hot summer months. As a guide, try to ensure all planters are watered twice daily, but avoid watering during the hottest part of the day. You should also feed planters on a weekly basis with a liquid plant food. Don’t be afraid to remove the dead heads from all bedding plants and flowering shrubs, however avoid pruning shrubs and conifers in very dry conditions.

Graham Argent, landscape gardener for Bloor Homes South Midlands comments: “Bloor Homes appreciate how important creating a stunning outside space is for homeowners to relax and enjoy with their family and friends.

“In the current weather conditions, it is very easy for gardens to quickly become dry and unwelcoming. We hope that with our handy guide, gardens across Hanslope will once again be looking gorgeous for those all important summer BBQ’s.”

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